6 Week Self-Defense Course

Starting Monday, January 6
at the Palestine YMCA

Plus Refresher for Past 8 Week Course Students

Presented by the
DRJ Martial Way - A System of Personal Defense
Owner/Chief Instructor: Dennis R. James - 55 Years Experience

This course will include up to 18 real life techniques from the following martial arts as taught at the DRJMW school in Buffalo, Tx. Our system combines many of the popular martial arts such as Aikido, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kempo Karate, Judo, Muay Tai, and Wrestling into a very comprehensive method for improving your street awareness and your skills of how to take charge of an uncomfortable threat if necessary.

Classes Begin:  January 6th, 2019

Time:  6:30 pm until 8:00 pm 

Days:  Monday and Wednesday 

Duration:  6 consecutive weeks (12 Class Sessions)

Maximum Sign Up:  The first 20 people

Age: 14 years old and above 

Attire:  Wear something comfortable, but no sharp items on your person. You will be taught how to roll, fall and work the mat.     

Registration Fee for 6-Week Course
$ 60.00 for Members
$ 80.00 for Participants 
(Y Membership Not Currently Active)

A Certificate of Completion will be presented on the last day of course for those who complete the 6-weeks of training.

One Class Pass*

$ 10.00 for Members and Participants (Y Membership Not Currently Active)

*Our YMCA is offering a one class "give it a try session". You may try it as much as you want at that One Class Pass fee.

*Your One Class Pass fee will be applied to the full 6-Week Course fee after you have tried it and wish to continue.

Our school philosophy ...
“We do not fight because someone wants to hurt us. We defend ourselves to keep from getting hurt while we do not hurt them much."

Background of Mr. James

Mr. James began martial art training in 1964 in South Gate, California under Ray Morillo’s South Gate Self-defense Club where he earned his Black Belt. He went on to earn his 2nd through 5th degree Black Belts in Kempo Karate through the United States Karate Association, USKA), a Brown Belt in Aikido, at the East Texas Aikido Center under Hank Davenport in Palestine, Tx., and for the past 5 years has been training in BJJ under the Roy Dean Academy through the use of Roy Dean’s system,“The Progression -Jiu-Jitsu from White Belt to Black Belt” video training. Mr. James is a Black Belt with 55 years combining these martial arts and others arts such as Boxing, Judo, Muay Tai, and Wrestling etc., into a sophisticated self-defense system.

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