Tball and Tiny Tot Changes and the Plan For the 2022 Season


We've paid close attention to the uniform ordering challenge that faces the whole industry, and we believe we've done the best we possibly can to eliminate the possibility of mistakes and will have uniforms delivered in plenty of time before opening day, long as you don't register late.

Registration closes sharply on March 1. 

There'll be no late registrations, so please don't procrastinate.

We're offering a total uniform package to help take the stress and extra expense off our parents. 

The idea is to have everything included in the uniform package, so you don't have to worry about trips to Walmart, Hibbett Sports, Tyler or elsewhere to get your uniforms together.


That package includes:  

 An MLB Replica hat. This is a uniform upgrade and they're very sought after.

 A jersey color of team choosing. (look at your MLB team colors!)  (no player selected numbers)

 Grey uniform pants and grey only (so we know we'll GET them)

 A black belt

 Black uniform socks.  

The quality will be the same as last year.

The look will be the same everybody was so happy with last year.

This supplier has the most inventory of all suppliers.

That's why we're using them and that's why we chose this package...

To give us the best chance of receiving complete uniforms when we order them.


There's a sizing chart on the website. 

Please enter your player's correct uniform size when you register. 

This is the size of the uniform that will be ordered for him or her.

Colors will be selected by your coach.

Colors can be any color you see at the bottom of the sizing chart.

Not just the orange and other 4 colors you see at the top.

Players will not be able to choose their number.

We tried to accommodate this last year.

It caused more problems than it was worth.

The supplier will order the numbers from 2 through 10 or so, depending on how many players there are on your team.

Equipment Parents Will Need to Buy:

You can buy equipment anywhere you'd like long as it meets DYB Baseball Rules.

The equipment you'll be required to purchase will be your player's glove, a batter's helmet, and a bat.

You'll also have to buy cleats, of course.  Rubber, not metal.

Each team will need at least one helmet with a mask for the pitcher and a catcher's mask.

Information on bats and helmets are found on pages 21 and 22 of the Dixie Youth Sports Rulebook.

Don't buy anything with a mask until you talk to your coach. 

Only catchers and pitchers are required to have masks. 

Wait for them to advise you on this so you won't waste your money.​

Look at page 21 and 22 of the Dixie Youth Baseball Rules Catalogue. 

Read what it says about helmets and bats if you have any questions.

The bat must have USA baseball logo/mark on the barrel. 

Don't buy a bat without that sticker. 

I and the umpire be making sure all bats comply with Dixie Youth Sports.

Walmart has the right equipment. 

Watch our website for pictures of our equipment for sale before you buy!

Team Pictures

Thank you for working through the difficulty we experienced with team pictures last season.

To make sure we avoid any problems with team pictures this year, we're having a professional photographer handle them.

Our team pictures will be taken by the great Jessica McCann of McCann Photography.

She has a long history of providing professional sports photographs for our YMCA.

You can be confident you'll get a professional quality photo package and a professional, timely delivery.

We already have a date set.

Team Names

This goes for coaches and parents.

We are starting over with team names.

We will assign team names on a first come, first serve basis starting today.

Send me your team’s name by EMAIL only to wprice@palestineymca.org.

We have replica team hats this year just like last year.

Name your team after any major league team.

Remember, it's FCFS and check here to see what teams are already taken.

Coed, Boys and Girls Teams

Another important change is that we're fielding coed, boys teams and girls teams this year.

The idea is to let girls have the option to play on their own teams so they'll get more playing time.

They'll have the option to play on coed teams or all girl teams, if possible.

If you have a preference, let me know and I'll do my best to make it happen.

Girls’ teams will play girls teams. 

Girls’ teams will also play boys teams. 

Both will play coed teams.

Having girls on their own teams means girls will be playing all 9 positions.

This will give them the opportunity to play more in many cases.

Some of our best players are girls.

You'll see them on coed teams and many will make the All Star teams because of their stats.

How Do We Choose Our Teams?

Per Dixie league rules, we're going to have a blind draft.

Coaches are going to attend a draft meeting March 2 or 3rd.

Coaches will pull names out of a hat to determine draft order.

Then we'll draft players in the order they pulled their names out of the hat.

The only exceptions will be coaches sons and or daughters.

Coaches have an exemption for their son/daughter player.

They're automatically on the coaches' teams.

The other exemption is for Cayuga players.

We'll do our best to accommodate Cayuga players playing on the Cayuga team for travel purposes.

Other than those 2 exemptions, we'll place players on teams chosen by their coaches in order of the draw and by totally blind draft.

We have to follow league rules and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests to help you with travel challenges.

Please just let me know if you have any special requests

We Have To Play By Their Rules

The goal in both Tiny Tots and TBall is to have fun playing baseball and to learn the game.

We are governed by Dixie Youth Sports and we'll play by rules set forth by that league. 

A link to Dixie Youth Baseball Rule Book can be found on our TBall information page.

One of the problems we had last year is we decided to play tournament rules mid season.

This was encouraged by the league.

And the change mid season came across in a bad way.

We learned from that, so we're setting the rules straight from the beginning this year...

Every Game Is Played With Paid, Professional Umpires

Professional umpires are hard to get and they're not cheap.

We have the same 2 we had last year and we're lucky to have them.

Tiny Tots has a great umpire who knows how to play with 3 and 4 year olds.

TBall has an umpire who knows how to play by tournament rules.

This is great for our league and great for our players.

The Plan For Tiny Tots

The goal with Tiny Tots is to expose 3 and 4 year olds to the game and let them have fun.

We want our Tiny Tots players to learn and grow to like the game.

And for them to come back and play again next year.

We don't mind letting 3 and 4 year olds be 3 and 4 year olds.

We're very lenient with the rules and patient with the process.

Parents and coaches will be closely involved in the games.

They'll be playing baseball rules and learning baseball.

They won't be playing by tournament rules.

They won't be playing in tournaments.

The Plan For TBall

TBall will be a little more serious.

The goal is to learn the highest level of baseball possible for 5 and 6 year olds.

We also want them to be ready for tournament play after the season ends.

They'll be playing by tournament rules all season.

They'll play on tournament field markings.

They'll play with tournament balls.

They'll learn tournament skills.

And how to win tournaments as all stars.   

It's not only the best way to learn baseball...

It's the best way to learn how to win tournaments at the end of the season.

Because the competition's steep.

And the competition is coming to win.

We want our all stars to be ready for them.

All Star Teams Will Be Chosen On Merit

Each team will need a person to record  player statistics for every game, April 2 - April 30.

That period will give us 5 weekends of data and statistics on each player in our league.

On May 1, we'll publish the league stats, revealing the top 22 players in the league.

Those 22 players will be our All-Star players.

That gives anybody, male or female a chance to make the All-Star teams based on merit alone.

We'll choose the 2 all star coaches and their 3 assistants on May 1 or prior to it.

All Star teams will start practicing the week of May 2 until the first tournament game, approximately May 31

All star practices will be in addition to regular practices.

We'll update you on the all star practice schedule as that process gets closer.

We Teach Fun and We Teach Up, Not Down

You pay a lot of money for your kids to play.

And both of you have a lot of time invested.

Besides just having fun, we want your child to have an opportunity to learn true baseball skills.

Skills that might help some of them later in their careers. 

And skills that make them better baseball players, period.

To accomplish this, we're going to ask our coaches to agree to teach the 4 fundamental skills of baseball...

Catching a ball, throwing a ball, hitting a ball and running the bases.   

And learning these skills on a tournament level.

We know we're teaching 5-and 6-year-olds.​

Still, we know they can learn and we're going to teach up because we've seen how they react.

More on this when practices start.


How Do We Teach Them?

With a uniform structure and teaching with videos like these:

One for throwing: https://youtu.be/d3QApCrFm5k

Another for hitting: https://youtu.be/XAueRbtcJns

Another for running the bases: https://youtu.be/zmcNJSjWp78

And coaches teaching Dixie Youth Baseball rules.

Practices will be organized to teach these four skills.

We'll decide on the exact videos before practice starts and we'll all be on the same page.

Your coaches will fill you in after we choose teams on Mar 2nd or 3rd.

Where Will the Practices Be Held and When?

Practice will be during the week between 6 and 8pm M, Tu, Th and F.

The goal is to practice at the same fields and the same times each week.

Tiny Tots practices on field #9 at the complex.

TBall practices on field #10 at the complex

Both Tiny Tots and TBall teams can practice on the fields at Story school.

Other venues are possible and exact venues will be designated when we make practice schedules.

The practice venues and times will be posted on our website soon after March 2.

Where Will Games Be Played and When?

We are increasing the number of games played in the season.

We also want to make sure teams aren't playing the same teams week after week.

Tiny Tots will play their games on field #9.

TBall will play their games on field #10.

Opening day will be Saturday, April 2.

There'll be a full day of games scheduled then so be prepared.

Regular games will be played at the complex M, Tu, Th and F between 6 and 8 pm.

We also might play some double headers on Saturdays if our season scheduling requires it.

How Will The Season End?

Tiny Tots players will have their medals ceremony Thursday, May 19 at 6pm or Saturday May 21 at 10am.

We'll talk with parents and see which days work best.

We'll have a special TBall tournament scheduled the weekend of May 21.

All TBall teams will be scheduled to play in this tournament.

Games will begin on Thursday evening, May 19, Friday the 20th and will finish during the day on Saturday, the 21rst.

There'll be special prizes for places 1, 2 and 3 of the tournament.

End of the season awards will be presented this Saturday, or we can schedule it for a week night if we need to.

There's More to Know and Things Might Change

It's hard to have every single event planned before the season begins because things happen and things must change.

We might need to make some changes as the season unfolds.

If we do, we'll communicate those changes to the parents and players with as much notice as possible.

Please watch your email, your text messages for the majority of notifications.

Please watch our website from now through the end of the season, as well.  

I communicate often and I try to do that by text, email and on our website.

You can always reach me by phone or email.

Email is the most reliable and gets the quickest response because I don't have a business phone on my desk.

Walker Price

Palestine YMCA