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Holiday Camp

Holiday camp is offered during school breaks and holidays, provided for both Christmas and Spring break. During holiday camp we continue our focus on character development while also providing fun daily activities that promote creativity, teamwork, and physical fitness. 

Image by Josh Applegate

Field Trips

During Holiday Camp campers will take routine field trips to different attractions in the area such as, the movie theater, Athen's bowling alley, Tyler Zoo, Tiger Refuge, and so much more.

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Daily Activities

Daily activities at the YMCA consist of water activities, sports competitions, swimming, organized games, etc. We have crafts and painting, reading and writing, and drawing. We utilize these daily activities to build each child's character, as well as encourage physical fitness and creativity.

Image by Zach Vessels

Day Out of School Club

*Ages 3-Years to 12-Years*
When School is Closed
6:30 am – 6:00

Day Out of School Club is structured and provides the same activities as both Summer and Holiday camp. Each child is given the opportunity to grow in character through daily activities that build essential life skills.

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